Women who frequent my blog are seeking affirmation and support. I want to be known as a writer who confirms and enhances the female experience with a focus on empowerment and strength. Women who stick together find that they can cope better with the ups and downs of daily life, especially those who live and work is a misogynist world. Take a look inside any traditional, conservative corporation. I like to relate real life success stories. I rely mostly on my own, but I will have more credibility if I express the views of a multitude. Having a blog gives me resources. This means that I want to hear from you. Recently, I had a question about how to select the right alarm clock when you have a husband who is an early riser. This is a common concern and has been covered elsewhere online, such as in this blog post that I found on Facebook. You don’t want to house two alarms in the bedroom. It might breed chaos and some nasty fights. There is a solution.

If the first alarm goes off too early, it will wake up the other spouse. That means the wife in this particular case. Let’s say the husband likes lights to go on when he rises. It is a simple fix. She can wear a sleep mask. They are light weight and comfortable and don’t look too bad. This has solved many a household problem. It frees the wife from having to conform to her husband’s schedule. Ear plugs are also recommended by readers who don’t want to hear the radio at a ridiculous hour or even a simple buzzing sound. You have to try some common tricks to survive a difference in schedule. I would set my mate’s clock to soft sounds. Compromise is the name of the game in marriage. You don’t have to lose sleep and go through your day fatigued because of a silly choice of a wake-up alarm.

Men and women fight over too many silly things like the toilet seat left up, the cap missing from the toothpaste, or a coffee mug left in the sink. Couples squabble over who takes out the trash, feeds and walks the dog, and makes the bed. Many a good marriage has succumbed to this kind of nonsense. Setting ground rules, including the alarm, is part of daily life. Rather than investing in two clocks, you can both use the same one if it is an advanced model. You can program it to go off at six in the morning, for example, and then again at nine. Each person can choose the best way to be roused. If you have kids, you can ignore everything. They will be up at the crack of dawn! For the rest of us, be wise about your wakeup methods and avoid unnecessary conflict.

I hope my little words of wisdom help you and your husband come to terms with differences in one’s morning routine. Don’t sing the early bird blues.

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