Women have good memories. I can attest to this from my own experience. I never forget a birthday or other milestone in a loved one’s life. I bring gifts every time. Sometimes they are homemade such as a cake, cookies, or pie and sometimes I buy just the right thing. Take my husband, for example. For his special day I knew just what to do. I bought an outdoor kegerator for the covered patio off his man cave.  He had been hinting for a while and I wanted to surprise him so I kept it very quiet. I even had it delivered to the neighbor’s house who helped me carry it over and install it. It is no big deal—just plug it in.

What is life for a guy without a man cave? I hear that they are getting more elaborate these days. It has gone way beyond a TV and a lounge chair. Now we hear about lavish home theater equipment of the state-of-the-art kind. There are refrigerators, wine colors, mini kitchens, an adjacent bathroom, and assorted other male accoutrements.

Women are not part of this world so I can only imagine what goes on. Football games! Ha. They talk, eat, compare favorite team stats and drink beer – hence the kegerator. It will take my husband and his friends a long time to run out. There was never enough room in the fridge. I couldn’t wait to see his face. On the day of the “reveal” he was ecstatic. I took photos to prove it. Just check out my Facebook page. He immediately called his closest friends to come over and try it out. I got out the beer glasses although they are a big fancy he says for a man cave. Well you have to use something.

The guys all gave their stamp of approval and they practically emptied the kegerator that night. It was a gorgeous evening, balmy and warm, so they enjoyed sitting on the patio right next to the new appliance. It got me to thinking about what I would want for a “she shed.” It wouldn’t be a kegerator. I would have a wine cooler and mini fridge for sure. No oven because this is time off from baking. Someone would have to bring the food when they come over. The furniture would be shabby chic and ever so comfortable. It would not be dark and gloomy like the typical man cave but light and bright. Ideally there would be a window for fresh air. I would put my friends’ artwork on the walls instead of sports memorabilia. It would reflect my particular taste. I told my friends about my fantasy and they laughed. They knew that my husband had already appropriated all the available space including the basement level patio. What really got my attention was the enumeration of their preferences. Each had a special need. What threw me the most was the request of one friend. “Let’s have a kegerator.” Ha.

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